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Research Paper Outline:
A. Born blind, but still somehow an author of two of the most famous epic poems known to man: His two epic poems, the Odyssey and the Iliad, are one of the most widely spread ideas and most well-known epic poems throughout the entire world.

B. He has an amazing sense of use in imagery, getting his point to the author, and conveying his thoughts on the subjects he writes about. He uses really good Figurative language that truly sticks with the reader, and his world literature can be applied to many things in life and deeper meanings of truth, that are revealed through his work.

1. Greek Philosopher and one of the greatest writers and minds of his time.

2. Homer is a man who had the odds stacked against him, but overcame them all and made history that has evolved and changed the outlook of history for mankind. a. He has given us a different look on the world and a better insight on how things were back in the times of the Ancient Greeks. b. Elaborates on Figurative Language, giving us, as in the modern day people, a new look at how to use and interpret in writing. In other words he was a huge help to the English world.

II.The Iliad and the Odyssey

A. The two greatest accomplishment of Homer’s life, and practically his life. These two epic poems are what he worked hard at early on in his life, and until basically his death. B. The Iliad is about the last two weeks of the Trojan War, the Greeks vs. the Trojans (people of Troy). C. The Odyssey is about the aftermath of the Trojan War, and the return home for a great fighter and mind Odysseus, who has a long and vigorous journey back to his homeland.


CHAPTER 1: Events in History at the Time the Poem Takes Place

I.The Bronze Age
A.A period of ancient history from 1900–1150 B.C.
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