Homer Hickam: A Coalwood Guy

Topics: Rocket, Rocket launch, October Sky Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: June 5, 2012
Azariah Koning
Mr. Demko’s LEC 6th hour
Who is the real Homer Hickam?
In the book October Sky by Homer (Sonny) Hickam, Homer Hickam Sr. is viewed by most people in Coalwood as a bad guy. People feel Homer is under qualified to run the mine and that he only cares about the mine and what goes on in it. But there are a few others who feel he is a nice guy who just has a different way of showing his kindness and appreciation. This is important because Homer is one of the two central characters in this book. Other than Sonny, Homer is the most important person and is constantly being brought up throughout the book. In reality, Homer Hickam is a good person with a big heart, even though most people in Coalwood would probably disagree. Sonny’s drive behind his rocketry ambitions is fueled by Homer’s opinion, which is a minor way o show Homer’s importance. Homer’s “tough love” makes Sonny feel like Homer does not like him. “A question just seemed to jump out of my mouth. It surprised even me. I guess I’d been wondering about it for a long time and didn’t know it. ‘Why doesn’t Dad like me?’ I asked her” (50). Sonny’s feeling that Homer does not like him drives Sonny to find something that would get Homer to like him. If Sonny felt as if Homer liked him he probably would not have tried to find something to get Homer’s attention. Also, Homer seems to brag about Jim, but he never brags about Sonny. Sonny wants to give Homer a reason to brag about him. Jim is a football star, which is something to brag about, but what is Sonny? If Sonny could be a successful rocket engineer that would give Homer a reason to brag about him. In addition to Sonny not feeling that Homer does not like him and Homer never bragging about him Sonny also feels that launching rockets will give them that father-son bond Sonny is looking for. On page 11 Sonny says that he would pretend to be asleep just to feel his fathers touch. If Sonny launches rockets maybe...
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