Homeostasis Lab

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Homeostasis Lab: The Effects of Exercise on Homeostasis
Lab Write Up
The purpose of this lab is to discover the effect that various levels of exercise have on specific body parameters such as heart rate, body temperature, perspiration level, body color, and breathing rate. Homeostasis will be monitored to calculate the change in such body parameters. To find this information the subject will exercise for a controlled periods of time. At each rest, the subject will be recorded upon their change or maintenance of each body parameter. The dependent variables that will be monitored are heart rate, breathing rate, body temperature, perspiration level, and body color. The independent variables are the age of the subject and the temperature of the environment. The controlled variables in this experiment are the amount of time the subject exercises for and the exercise the subject is participating in. If the length of exercise increases, then the rate of the body parameters will rise, thus initiating homeostasis regulating the levels by the eighth minute trial. Procedure:

The subject is to exercise for two minutes at a time. Our subject will run for two minutes, four times. There will be an initial record of their body parameter levels, a record after each exercise, and a final record one minute after exercise. For the exercise to be controlled, the subject will run at a steady pace for each time. With a stopwatch, the subject’s exercise will be monitored and their temperature will be taken by placing a Celsius thermometer under their axillary. They will count their own breaths and their pulse will be monitored by placing a digit on their carpal and locating the artery. Data Collection:

Part F: Observations
Data Analysis:
Heart Rate page 7
Breathing Rate page 8
Body Temperature page 9
The subject’s ability to regulate body temperature (their means of homeostasis) is most noticeable at the sixth minute of exercise when compared...
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