Homelessness vs. Houselessness

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  • Published : February 27, 2012
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The working class people look at homeless people as a mass, a pack of individuals that the working class people label such a pack as the homeless, the same as characterizing who they are, nevertheless the working class people disregard the direction of silent remark to realize that homelessness may simply be houselessness part the people. People that have financial hardship and social handicaps typically are neglected as a result of their poverty situation addition to now being homeless living beside bridges. Throughout history, greater than two million people or nearly one percent of the US population, were homeless. “Homelessness stems from a lack of affordable housing. Increasing rents, destruction of traditional low-income housing, and cuts in federal housing programs threaten affordable housing with extinction.” (The National Law Center on Homelesness and Poverty) This claims homeless people are people that are experiencing financial hardships which existence.

Naturally, the working class people believe the homeless is poor, foolish and careless with no responsibility. On the other hand, the working class people that have jobs and don’t do the things that would be known to affect you to homelessness. Burklo, Houselessness and Homelessness essay claims that such a people are known as more homeless than what is seen to be homeless. He reference homelessness is actually what working class people is as they are spending less time at home than a known homeless people. Known homeless people should really be called houseless which distinguish the two types of people. The unfortunately, part of our society to see the homeless people having to pain starting as a result of lack of money, their condition which targets them to separation by the working class people. It is unfortunate the separation normally spirals as a result of wrong stereotype that is around homelessness. This type of people comes...
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