Homelessness Breaking the Cycle

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  • Published : January 15, 2012
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Homelessness Breaking the Cycle
Mandlyn Campbell
Soc 203
Social Problems
Dr. Jonathan Brooks

Homelessness Breaking the Cycle

Thesis Statement

Once being homeless myself, I have decided to focus my research on the homeless population, which is one of many social problems that is near and dear to my heart. My objective is to take a closer look at what challenges other individuals really face living a life without shelter, a live of poverty. I plan to provide an in-depth analysis of the path to homelessness, the stigma civilization has placed on the homeless, how much emphasis the government places on provisions for the homelessness and what solutions we as a society can do to possibly deter homelessness.

Annotated Bibliography

Anderson, Elaine A, & Koblinsky, Sally A. (1995). Homeless policy: The need to speak to families. Family Relations, 44(1), 13. Retrieved August 7, 2011, from Research Library. (Document ID: 1639988).

In this article, authors Anderson and Koblinsky describes the most popular stereotype of homelessness as being bums on skid row, drinking wine from a brown paper bag or, seeking handouts from passersby’s. However, with the shift in socio-economic change and the lack of affordable housing, research shows a new population of homelessness evolving. The article also presents a brief history of government homeless policies, and makes suggestions for formulating future homeless policies that incorporate family principles.

Bailey, V. (2011, April). A ROOF over their HEADS. Herizons, 24(4), 20-23. Retrieved August 7, 2011, from CBCA Complete. (Document ID: 2338275471).

Inspired by homeless advocate Susan Scotts book “All Our Sisters; Stories of Homeless Women Across Canada” Bailey understands homeless women often feel they are alone and don’t have a voice. However Bailey also believes it’s important that homeless women do have voice. It’s an objective shared by organizers of the first Canadian conference on women and...
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