Homelessness Argumentative Essay

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  • Published : April 23, 2012
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The Struggle for Help
Billionaires speed off in their Bentleys and Lamborghinis off to work. Millionaires are stowed away in the lovely Beverly Hills or in Hollywood. The rich live in their nice houses and send their kids to private schools. The middle class is content and are happy with what they have. The poor are making an effort to get by and living with the bare necessities. What about the homeless? Some argue that the homeless got where they are through drug problems and mental illnesses. Homelessness is a severe struggle in the United States in which not all of the people suffer from drug problems or mental illnesses.

Although some homeless people have drug or mental illnesses, some have had just plain bad luck or poor judgment. In the film, The Pursuit of Happyness, Chris Gardner struggles severely. He can hardly sell his machine for business, his wife leaves him, and he has to find places to stay at night. Despite these struggles, he is determined to succeed and has a positive attitude. This helps Gardner at getting a prestigious job and Dean Witter and finding true happiness. In Weltner’s essay, a girl named Adrienne used some poor judgment and ended up having no backup support system. There are many ways to become homeless other than drug addiction and mental illnesses. For this reason, we need to continue programs to help our homeless. I know someone in the same shoes as Adrienne and Gardner. Recently I learned that a cousin of mine, Jenny, had become homeless. Jenny became homeless not from drugs or mental issues, but through bad luck and poor judgment. Her first mistake was when she became in an unhealthy relationship with a man and had four kids. They struggled throughout the years, but our whole family was there for support. When about everyone had given up on their bad decisions, something had to happen. They tried to live with family members, but that would only last for awhile. The kids were eventually taken...
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