Homeless to Harvard

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Blake neil
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Advantages of being Married
Some of the more important advantages of getting married I can think of are, having duel income, always having someone to talk to, making memories, help motivate you day by day to work torwards something meaningful and feel achomplished . The ability to love and receive love in return. Marriage to someone you love gives you a avenue to channel all your love and attention to one person, a bond.

When you get married you always have someone to talk to. Kind of like a therapist. To talk to about life , your problems, kids, activities, to help keep you from going crazy in certain situations. Also if anything happens like getting hurt, or sick, they are right ther to make you soup, or take you to the hospital.

Being able to love someone and have them love you back the same way is probably the best feeling most married couple feel. Exceptions having kids and other things like that. It is one of the best ways to have great, wonderful, and guiltless sex. Marriage can provide some sort of secerity(especially women). Having someone who loves and supports you financially is a pretty good feeling. To know that when you say I do, the the sanificant other love you uconditionally until death parts you.

It also helps with giving you a purpose and reasons to get up everyday and feel accomplished, and successful. So you don’t turn into a lazy bum, a thief end up in jail, live life with no purpose, or a drug acttic, not saying you have to get married ot these things will happen to you. Cause not everybody is made for marriage. Waking up everyday to make enough money to provide your family with food, and a roof over their heads.

Research has shown kids raised with two parents are more likely to succeed and do better in life, then with growing up with one. It is believed to provide the nessecery balance in the upbringing of children. Also easier rasing them with two parents as well.

These are just a...
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