Topics: Mother, Father, Change Pages: 2 (815 words) Published: March 26, 2011
Homeland: Anna Maria Dell’oso
Belonging is presented in this text through language techniques which show how the author’s parents don’t belong to Australia and how she isolates herself from them. This is evident in the line ‘For 36 years, it was as if they were renting this country’. The comma in this line is representing the length of the time ‘36 years’; it also gives a pause to the sentence which gives it more meaning. In the pronoun ‘they’ the author is separating herself from her parents as if she does not belong instead of using ‘we’ or ‘mum and dad’. The simile ‘renting this country’ explains how the parents didn’t really belong because they had chosen not to belong in Australia. In other words they were borrowing the country. Anna Maria’s mother later on sends her a mail which is describing how she doesn’t belong in Italy, ‘It’s like being in a village in Africa’, writes my mother, ‘Only villagers speak Italian and sometimes they remind me a little bit of the people I used to know’. This is only the mother’s perspective of Italy since she has written the letter. The simile ‘it’s like being in a village in Africa’ creates an image of not belonging. Although there are people there that speak Italian and being able to speak the same language allows you to form a relationship with the individual. However, the mother is referring to the people that they remind her of the people she ‘Used to know’ and had a short term relationship with. Later on in the story Anna Maria’s parents abandon her to go back to Italy due to her dad’s mother being on her deathbed. It is proved in the line ‘I tell myself it’s the migrant’s change of life leaving me to play the abandoned partner, sceptical but frightened’. In the quote ‘I tell myself’ she is trying to convince herself that the alienated feeling is just temporary. This phrase refers to a cycle of missing and leaving a place. Belonging in more than one place created a conflict in them. The metaphor ‘leaving me to play...
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