Topics: Kiowa, N. Scott Momaday, Warsaw Pages: 4 (1498 words) Published: February 9, 2013

Leaving Warsaw at his 20 years old because of the uprising, with the strong homesick mood, Chopin brings a handful of Poland’s soil to Paris with him. After he settles down well in Paris, living peacefully as a composer without war or uprising, he becomes so sad every day. He composes 60 Mazurkas when he is in Paris; they’re more like character pieces, using inspired melodies and intricate harmonies to express wistful memories and homesickness seemingly without remedy. With the longing for homeland in his rest life, he becomes more and more sick and he is gone when he is 39 years old. Everyday after he leaves Warsaw, he is struggling in the pain of homesickness. But he never comes back in his rest 19 years, even once time. After he is died, his funeral is established in Warsaw. With Mozart’s requiem, his body is burned in the Warsaw’s soil and he comes back the homeland finally.

Chopin’s life is so sad and impressive as his works. Every time when I play his Mazurka, I even feel I can see the young and talent man who holds a soil of Poland, with tears on his face. Besides being sad for him, I begin to wonder other questions: Why not he never comes back to Warsaw in the 19 years? Why does he still want to be burned in Warsaw? In order to figure out the answer, I read many essays about homeland. “Lost in Translation” of Eva Hoffman is impressive one for me. In her essay, Hoffman describes her translation from Cracow to Canada with her family to avoid the Second World War when she was thirteen years old. She is so sad as Chopin when they leave Cracow, her homeland. She believes she loses a lot and says, “ my mind rejects the idea of being taken there. I do not want to be pried out of my childhood, my pleasures, my safety, my hopes for becoming a pianist.” (177) Due to the leaving, everything that she used to have in Cracow is gone, as she says, “ I t is a notion of such crushing, definitely finality that to me it might as well mean the end...
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