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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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As you know, tor is important person in society who can help many many patients. The doctor will give the best treatment when they have to go to the hospital. The doctor often works over 8 house a day and they face to face many people day by day. The pressure work is very hard because the patient’s life is decided by the doctor. Although doctor is a work hard but I still want to work as a doctor. There are 4 main reason for choosing to become a doctor. The one thing, helping patient. Most people value their health above everything else in their lives whether they know it or not. When someone is  sick or injured, his or her normal way of life is disrupted and doctors have the incredible opportunity to restore these people’s lives to normalcy and even save some from death itself. Therefore being a doctor is extremely rewarding. For another, medicine is fascinating. Becoming a doctor means learning everything there is to know about the human body. The human body itself is an incredible thing to study and medical students and doctors have the opportunity to further examine it with the most innovative technology. Modern medicine is one of the most fascinating subjects in the world. For another, doctor has the trust and honor. By the virtue of their title, doctors are trusted with sensitive information that most other people would not have access to. Patients share their deepest concerns with their doctors in hopes of being healed. To be trusted to this extent by anybody is a great honor.   Finally, influence and respect. Like it or not, by default, doctors are in a position of power. They are considered the leaders in health care and often have the final say on treatment decisions. When doctors talk, people usually listen. Even outside the work setting, doctors are regarded highly
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