Home Sweet Home

Topics: Filipino people, Filipino language, Philippines Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Home Sweet Home
During one’s childhood, one may have many experiences that become an integral part of which he or she becomes because of the learning and memories that come from past experiences. These experiences can be something as simple as when someone learned how to first ride a bicycle or a story about a place where someone grew up. As we recall these memories, we think about the significance that they hold. A significant place that has held my heart is the Philippines. It is my birthplace, where I spent the first eight years of my life, where I met my first best friend, and where my family gathered together on special occasions; this is the place I call home.

I was born in the Philippines. It’s the place where I had my first eight birthdays and where I had many of my “first” experiences. My eight birthday, the last birthday I celebrated with my friends from the Philippines, is the most memorable of all. I remember inviting some of my neighbors, friends from school, and families. It was a huge party, with plenty of Filipino food and decorations inside and outside the house. There was a piñata like game where kids can jump and grab goodies from it. There were also lights outside the house so they can be lit at night to show beautiful blinking colored lights. The party lasted all day; it’s how we celebrated a typical birthday in the Philippines. When it was time for presents, I remember receiving a stuffed animal bear with the words “Friends Forever” engraved on its stomach. It was a gift from my friends. They all gathered together and collected money in order to buy it. I remember crying as I was reading the cards that they gave me.

I met my very first best friend in the Philippines and her name is Richele. We were neighbors and we grew up together. We also went to the same school, did the same things, and liked the same things. We had a lot in common which made us the best of friends. We spent a lot of time together playing outside. One day, she...
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