Home Schooling vs.Public Education

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Dardree Weah
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Tonja McCurdy-Jennings

Home Schooling vs. Public Education
As a child and a young adult I went to public schools. I would have loved the experience of home schooling. I would have enjoyed the experience of not attending a traditional classroom, or not walking in the halls and going from one instructor to another. I know that I would have loved the opportunity to experience both home schooling and public education. Although home schooling has some benefits, it is also known that public schools provide a more effective learning environment for students to succeed.

There are many great things that a public school system can offer a child. The public school may have excellent academic curricula that give the child the opportunity to expand through boundaries and prepare them for the future with a sense of responsibility. Public schools give students the opportunity to meet other students from different ethnic backgrounds and help to build better social skills because of the diversity. They get to learn about different cultures. Public schools also have teachers with the right credentials and experiences in their field of studies that will better teach the students. Public schools allow children to step outside of their normal environment and travel the world in their classrooms and campus’ because of access to diversity. Public schools promote good conduct and integrity as well as dealing with life and challenges that is preparing them for the real world and their future with a sense of responsibility, independence as well as good and bad experiences. There are a few negative sides to public education. Some public schoolteachers are so afraid to teach. Public school curricula have huge gaps that sometimes never close. According to readers digest (2001),...
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