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Lately, home schooling has become a very popular option so it is important that we know all the details about home schooling, including the disadvantages. It is important for parents to understand the disadvantages of home schooling before making such a life changing decision. Home schooling removes the opportunity for a child to interact with other children that can be provided in a classroom setting. Also, parents often find they are lacking in knowledge and the willingness for sacrifice that home schooling requires. In addition, home schooling leaves education completely up to the parent, which can be very costly. Before starting a home schooling program it is imperative that one has knowledge of the downfalls so as not to get in a situation you can’t handle.

The number one concern with home schooling is the lack of socialization. Living in a social world, social skills are extremely important in being able to go through life successfully. Children who are separated from people and isolated in their homes with little social interaction risk not learning how to deal with people different than them (Currie, 2011). School is more than the classroom. It is about social skills and learning to get through life and discovering what children can do without the safety net of their parents. All children need to learn how to have relationships with their peers, and home schoolers don’t have as many opportunities for forming friendships. Parents can make sure that children are provided with the option of socializing experiences, but it isn’t the same as attending a public school.

The second most frequent objection to home schooling is the lack of certified teaching. Instead of state-certified professional teachers, homeschoolers are taught by parents. Teachers in public schools have to go through extensive education before they are allowed to teach children. When children attend traditional school they are taught by people who are highly educated in the...
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