Home School vs. Public School

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  • Published : December 23, 2012
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Home School vs. Public School
Debates can occur when deciding if children are going to attend home school or public school. Are all education and social needs going to be met in both settings? With every situation in life pros and cons can be a deciding factor. As a parent, all options have to be weighed to determine which type of schooling they will use for their child. Home schooling allows parents to keep their child or children home and provide them with all the necessary learning materials for them to move from grade to grade and graduate and to receive a diploma from high school. Children who attend public school go to school daily at a specified time are taught required material for them to move from grade to grade then eventually graduate from high school. Each type of school has a structure that is followed; along with academic differences and socialization situations that students will face. Structure

Students who attend public school have a structured day. They are to arrive and leave school at a specific time each day. Depending on which grade level the students are in determines how the classes work. Some students switch classes throughout the day while others will stay within the same classroom for most of the day. The teachers within each classroom usually have a type of plan for the day to keep them on time. “Typically class work is done, homework is expected and testing determines the students passing or failing” (Fine Home Schooling, 2006, p. 1).

Home schooling there is no set location where school work has to be done. This allows the child to complete all work whenever necessary even if an emergency trip has arisen. By home schooling this allows the child to get the one-on-one attention that is needed to learn the skill faster. No worrying about having a large group and having to wait for everyone to grasp the skill that is being taught at that time. Academic

Public school curriculum is set by the school board in which state the...
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