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Between the devil and the deep sea| | To choose between two equally bad alternatives in a serious dilemma.| | | |
Where there's a will there's a way| | When a person really wants to do something, he will find a way of doing it.| | | |
A burnt child dreads fire| | A bad experience or a horrifying incident may scar one's attitude or thinking for a lifetime.| | | |
First come, first served| | The first in line will be attended to first.| | | |
A friend in need is a friend indeed| | A friend who helps when one is in trouble is a real friend.| | | |
Discretion is the better part of valor | | If you say discretion is the better part of valor, you mean that avoiding a dangerous or unpleasant situation is sometimes the most sensible thing to do.| | | |

A hungry man is an angry man| | A person who does not get what he wants or needs is a frustrated person and will be easily provoked to rage.| | | |
Empty vessels make the most noise| | Those people who have a little knowledge usually talk the most and make the greatest fuss.| | | |
A man is as old as he feels| | A person's age is immaterial - it is only when he thinks and feels that he is ageing that he actually becomes old.| | | |
Great talkers are little doers| | Those people who talk a lot and are always teaching others usually do not do much work.| | | |


A Little Daughter
By: Miroslava Odalovic
She drew
Mother and father 
Brother and sister
And a rainbow

She drew
A tree and a root
A stone and a brook
And a rainbow

She drew
A house and a roof
A chimney and a sweeper
And a rainbow

She drew
A path and a step
A sound of a key
And a rainbow

She drew
A table and chairs
A meal and desert
And a rainbow

She drew
A bed and a lullaby
A good night kiss
And a rainbow

She drew
The night and a star
A Moon upon a star
And a rainbow

She drew
Mother and father
Sister and brother
And a rainbow

Moon Moon
By: Manir Hossain
When Moon Moon says
In case of me
To be a quite poet is possible
In addition, I have to be a cool.
When Moon Moon says
The days have to face
Good ways
To begin its first hour
To get its special power.
When Moon Moon says
I cannot hear anybody’s voice
When Moon Moon says
I can realize my age
To do something better
Not caring any matter.
When Moon Moon says
I can guess
She says something special
Those are needed for all.
When Moon Moon says
I have to face 
Some case in any case.
When Moon Moon says
Sometimes, no case can be found
Without she says, like
“Hi! How are you
For the few
With your near dear
Are there any tears in your eyes? 
When she says…”
Man can be silent
Ocean can be island
He can be brilliant
You can be toys
When Moon Moon says.
When Moon Moon says
All guys are nice
To play with their lives.
When Moon Moon says
Everything seems to us
Like a touch
Of heart, 
That is a part
Of our life
To survive.
When Moon Moon says
Man pays attention much
Because, what she says, is a touch.
If Moon Moon doesn’t say anything
Then for her not saying
All will be dying.
When she stops saying
Everything seems to me lying.
When she will say
I may
Wait for her
Than other
For sine-dine
Even until I die. 

By: Arvie Calimlim
Its spring its spring
Oh I just can’t wait
To find fruits on the vases
And flowers on my plate
I want to hear the warm sun
And feel the robin singing 
Watch the scent of the flowers
And smell the...
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