Home on the Mississippi

Topics: United States, Mississippi River, River Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: March 11, 2013
“Home on the Mississippi”
Brian Stewart’s oil painting, “Home on the Mississippi”, is an exceptional piece of artwork from the culture it unfolds to the characteristic composition of how it was made. “Home on the Mississippi” is beautifully painted with oil onto canvas, colors exuberating realistic features and setting the mood. The painting portrays the reality of America in the late 1800’s. Picking a piece of artwork that I appreciate was easy for me. I turned my attention directly to the old American painting hanging in my Great Grandmothers hallway; “Home on the Mississippi” because of its realistic features, composition, and the most important part; the story it makes known. When looking at a painting I enjoy the story that unfolds especially when it has to do with our country’s history, like this piece of Stewarts’.  This asymmetrical painting is set somewhere close to the 1800’s turn of the century into the 1900’s along the Mississippi River.  Set off Latch Island, north of Winona is the once authentic landscape of a rundown boathouse built next to a majestic bridge crossing the river. The homely boathouse that is situated on the edge of the river almost directly under a then futuristic industrial bridge is one of several up and down the waterway that people lived in year round due to hard work for low wages. Although countless American people were suffering through a weak economy, the country itself was blossoming into what would change our country forever. In addition, I noticed underneath the bridge, boats are traveling up and down the river, probably shipping goods between the North and South. The impulsive representational artwork portrays the trying period individual Americans went through but how they were also advancing in industrializing as a country at the time expanding westward to form the great United States of America. This was a time in our history that helped shape our country into one of the most successful countries in the...
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