Home of Poisoning Town

Topics: William Faulkner, Human, People Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Professor Grace Ma
American Literature
4 December 2012
Home of Poisoning Town
Miss Emily had her own way of living. She couldn’t follow the footsteps of society, nor could she get along with the changing world. There must be something that was holding her back, back from the street, the town folks and the outside world. Even though Emily had some of the important persons throughout her story, she still spending the most part of her life at home. And what would a woman turn to when she were always sitting in a big dusty house alone, and had no one to talk to and had no one to share with?

We knew from the story that Emily’s father was a man of bad-tempered which had thwarted her so many times. In addition, Emily came from the family of Grierson, a used-to-be well-known family in the town, so she was seen as an ideal to everyone from there. Because for the people, what she stood for were the respect for traditions and the good old-day’s spirits. And she was the one that had to act as everybody’s expectations. That was a great deal of pressures on her, and she couldn’t face all the eyes that were seeing if Miss Emily had do justice to her family’s name. And noticing that there was a crazy aunt of Emily from the Grierson family, it also indicated that Emily might have some kind of mental problems due to genes. She seemed to have everything against her as long as she was not at home.

Emily had once opened up a studio in her house for China-painting class for unclear reasons, and some children were sent to there on the weekly basis despite of the mystery of the forty-year-old lady of Griersons. It’s a human nature to long for others company, and same for Miss Emily as a human being. But for such a lonely person like she, the desire of her might got somehow too far. In the story, there could have been a dear one for Emily, a foreman named Homer Barron. The man had the ability to attract and bring Emily out of her home, and there seemed to have a...
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