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CMT 2321: Home mess, The development of a home messaging and communication system


In today’s modern world Majority of people lives in a shared accommodation, whether it is a family home, students living together or the group of strangers living in a shared accommodation. Due to the busy schedule and clash of work timings people get very less time to communicate with their fellow residents.

Therefore this lack of communication can leads to various types of conflicts and problems. Like paying of bills, cleaning the house or cooking. To overcome these issues there is need of sufficient communications between the residents of the house.

Hence there are various types of methods used by the people to communicate with their fellow mates, some people verbally communicate with each other or use their mobile phones to message or call their inhabitants. But this type of methods are more useful to socialize with fellow mates therefore to remember the important dates like paying of bills or cleaning jobs there is a need of system that can allow people to manage their household.

The aim of this project is to design a prototype of home messaging system which can better the present method in use.

My team decided to split this project in 3 phases
* User research: The first phase is going to be user research. In which the team will gather data to identify the potential user of the system and their needs and requirements to make sure that the system is designed according to the needs of potential users. Various types of methods will be used to collect data like questioners and interviews. From the results of these data collection personas and scenarios will be produced to match the needs of the system. * Prototyping: by using the information from the research stage a initial or a rough prototype will be designed. And it will be tested on potential user to check its use. After that the changes will be made according to the feedback from the user. This will give us an idea about the working of the system in realistic way. By using this result team will design a final and a improved prototype. * User evaluation: in the final stage the system will be tested in various types of methods of evaluation. A user centered experiment will be carried out with 10 potential users to check the usability of the system. And also the heuristic evaluation will be carried out by the team.

Phase 1: User research

In order to design a prototype of home messaging system that will suitable for our potential users. A user research was carried out, as it was the foremost step in the project. The main objectives of this user research is to •To identify the user who are going to use this system

Capturing user requirements and needs
Involving users – Participatory design
Aggregation of individual requirements into Personas and Scenarios
In user research our first step was to collect data. Data collection was done in two methods * Semi structured interviews: (appendix.1) :as it gives us the detailed approach of the user. * Questionnaires:(appendix: 2) It allows us reach large group of audiences with very short amount of time with less resources.

Interviews: It was done with as many as 10 people. Interviews covered * How they communicate now,
* What are their methods,
* How often they may miss information and also ask if there was some automated method, and would that be preferred, * How they feel that the purposed system can be useful to them,

Questionnaires: (appendix: 2)
The structure of the Questionnaire was basically Factual-type question and Opinion-type question. * In factual type of questions: Such questions ask about public, obvious information that it would be difficult to get any other way. * Opinion type’s questions were basically taking their opinions on the purposed system like what feature they want in the system, where they want the system to be...
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