Home-Made Foods Better Than Fast Foods

Topics: Nutrition, Cooking, Food Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Home Made Food is Better than Fast Food
In the recent years, there has been an increased consumption of fast food as compared to home-made food. Fast food is a term that refers to food that is prepared and served quickly. Such food is commonly served in stands, kiosks or fast food restaurants. Conversely, home made food is a term given to food that has been prepared at home. Apparently, people’s preference has significantly shifted towards fast food at the expense of home-made food. This has aroused diverse views from various people. As much as fast-food diets have the benefit of being more convenient, nutritionists have raised concerns about their compromised nutritional value as well as their detrimental effects on human health. On the contrary, home-made foods have been hailed for their high nutritional value, low health risks as well as significantly low cost. Thus, it is evident that home-made foods are far much better than fast foods. One primary advantage of home-made foods over fast food lies in the nutritional variety. In this regard, it is apparent that fast foods lack nutritional variety. On the other hand, home made foods are highly nutritious. Meals that are prepared at home are closely monitored so as to retain as much nutrients as possible. Besides, when meals are prepared are prepared at home, it becomes easier to blend a variety of foods so as to incorporate a wide range of nutritional components such as proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. In my culture, home-made food is highly esteemed as compared with fast food. Therefore, our culture tends to promote the consumption of home-made food. It is therefore the responsibility of parents to ensure that they teach their children how to cook a wide range of foods. This ensures than as they grow up, the children are acquainted with the prerequisite cooking skills and are able to prepare healthy and nutritious home-made foods. As such, my culture nurtures the preference for home-made food over fast...
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