Home Is Where the Heart Lies

Topics: Jamaica, Caribbean, Jamaican cuisine Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Due date: 11/03/13
Compare/contrast essay homework Compare Tobago with another Caribbean island (Jamaica) “Home is where the heart lies.” There maybe few that do not share this sentiment but whatever the notion, the home remains the ideal place of comfort for many. However, being away from home make me realize that what’s important about different countries is not just the distance or the place itself but that as individuals we are different in our ways, our cultural uniqueness and qualities and that through other people we become more aware of ourselves. We tend to recognize our inner qualities, our likes and dislikes, strength and weaknesses, and the fundamental rights of each other, thus other people become our mirrors. Eventhough these are but individual characteristic, the Caribbean is said to share contrasting, yet, diversifying and harmonizing link between islands, for example: Although Tobago and Jamaica are both Caribbean islands they differ culturally in dialect, food and resources. While home remains the place that goes where we go, varied cultural habits distinguishes us from our immediate surroundings this can be said because of the difference in dialect between Tobago and Jamaica. Tobagos’dialect is an English base creole Language and is the generally spoken Language in Tobago. It's derivative of French but is mainly formed from British standard English. However, in Jamaica, Patois is the official spoken dialect while English remains the official written language, this is also derived from a French term but unlike Tobagos’ dialect features a combination of French, Spanish, Irish, as well as African, Portuguese and Hindi terms known as“Loanwords.” This dialect Although, it features a creole background is the farthest, from the standard form of English which makes it the most uniquely spoken dialect in the Caribbean. Food is the essence of life. Different...
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