Home in the Sky // Journey - Analysis

Topics: Bird, Rock Pigeon, New York City Pages: 3 (1229 words) Published: February 21, 2011
The title of this book is called ‘Home in the Sky’ and it is illustrated and told in a picture book form. The author is Jeanie Baker and it is published in 2001. The Author of this picture book, Jeanie Baker, was born in England on the 2nd November 1950. Her occupation is an author and illustrator of children’s picture books but she is famously known for her collages she makes. Her work focuses on a wide range of contemporary issues including; family, society, sustainability, the environment, urban spaces, Australian outback and wildlife. What influenced her to write this picture book was her imagination and dream of wanting to travel and fly over New York, hence the title ‘Home in the Sky’. The story tells of a person who lets pigeon out of the coop every morning until he calls them back home for breakfast but one morning, a white pigeon flies away and doesn’t come back. His journey takes him across New York City, experiencing a little of this and that. The idea conveyed about journeys is illustrated throughout the novel by the scattered birds on the cover and in the book which symbolises the idea of birds always travelling and wondering off into their own world in the sky. The colours used on the front cover have a mix of light blue and white at different splotches which could mean that throughout the bird’s journey, there may be good and bad encounters, depending on where they fly to. Inside the book, it shows more birds flying but this time, it’s in hole straight line which creates a pathway into one’s eyes, making it seem like a path to follow that never ends (due to the use of the continuous birds getting smaller and smaller, across the page). The main theme of this picture book is more on the physical journey because it talks about a pigeon’s journey while flying across New York. It is related to the pigeon actually flying and experiencing different things along the way such as fighting with street pigeons for food, getting stuck in a train,...
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