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  • Published : March 3, 2012
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Home Health Paper Assignment
The topics discussed in this paper are an overview of the basic foundations of home health. Home health nursing is a unique field that requires an understanding of certain nursing procedures and the ability to coordinate the services available to the patient while effectively providing the greatest amount of care possible at minimal cost. Difference between Home Health and Traditional Hospital Nursing

The obvious difference between traditional hospital nursing and home health nursing is the setting in which care is conducted. In a hospital setting the nurse has the advantage of being familiar with the patient’s surroundings and care is given based on the nurse’s priorities. Home health nursing differs by having the nurse adapt to the patients home environment while working around the patient’s schedule to provide that care. In a traditional hospital setting, nurses would usually provide all the care for the patient, however because home health nursing is done at the patients home families assume more responsibility over the patient by providing care taught to them by the nurse. Distinguishing Roles of the Multi-Disciplinary Team

Each member of the multi-disciplinary team plays a vital role during the course of the patient’s treatment. According to Carol Taylor, Carol Lillis, Priscilla Lemone, and Pamela Lynn, authors of the Fundamentals of Nursing book: The physician certifies that the patients may receive home healthcare and provides a plan of care for the patient. The nurse supervises and coordinates direct care to patients, families, and healthcare providers. Social workers assist patient and family in dealing with the social, emotional, and environmental factors that affect their well-being (Taylor, Lillis, LeMone, & Lynn, 2008). Other members such as the physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech pathologist may play a part in the recovery of the patient depending on their diagnosis. The physical therapist...
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