Home Energy Conservation

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Home Energy Conservation
So you think the cost of gas is outrageous? Most Americans do. The controversies in the Middle East and recent environmental disasters have made the cost of many natural resources, like oil, sky rocket. So imagine the amount of oil needed to power your car and compare that to the amount of oil needed to heat your home. Home energy conservation is a way that Americans can counter-act the estimated high costs to heat, cool or light their residence. In the ‘old days’ energy conservation was as simple turning off a light when you left a room, or setting a timer on your thermostat to regulate when your heat or air conditioning came on. These techniques are still valuable but America, and the world, has taken a more proactive approach, and rightly so. With the threats of global warming staring us in the face, the terror of destroying this world is resources are evident. Thus comes in the need for Home Energy Conservation. This thesis will attempt to, in depth, approach the topic of using active natural resource management, the advantages and the disadvantages. It will also address the economic implications, political issues and environmental issues that surround this new movement. The paper will touch on the importance and benefits of installing solar panels, using ‘green wood and utilizing windmills to produce energy. It will also show what our government is doing to entice the people to invest in such resources, such as providing tax breaks and net metering. Active Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management (NRM) involves the ecologically sustainable management of the land, water, air and biodiversity resources of the land for the benefit of existing and future generations, and for the maintenance of the life support capability of the biosphere. Some even call it an ecological footprint. The key components of the Natural Resource Management Framework include: •identifying environmental assets and their corresponding environmental values and beneficial uses; •identifying and defining threats to those environmental values; •prioritizing assets and threats;

formulating policy, objectives and criteria/targets to address environmental impacts and to protect environmental values; •implementing programs and projects in accordance with policies; •monitoring change in resource condition as a result of management activities; •evaluating the effectiveness of the policies and management activities; and •Making recommendations to improve resource condition and environmental management performance. (Environment, 2007) Advantages

The benefits of Active Natural resource management is that allows the system to monitor the income and output level of the environment verses the amount of energy and resources we go through as a society, to live and operate daily. It also allows a baseline to be established and a tracking system to see what effects we are making on the environment. It is an organized why to monitor, establish and limit our resources in order to ensure those resources have time to multiply and sustain life. Another advantage is that it will provide jobs for individuals in these rural areas and allow them to benefit and make a living off of helping the environment. Disadvantages

The disadvantages are of course the cost factor, the research and tracking that goes in to natural resource management is expensive. Not to mention the regulation of resources costs money and time. And using eco-friendly material is more expensive that utilizing distribution products that have no followed the framework criteria. Another disadvantage is that is promotes but not insures the management of natural resources, because there is not a sure way to monitor all products that are sold, distributed or used. Recommendations

Recommendations would include the standardization of using this practice across all countries and governments, so that everyone is all the same level and...
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