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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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Narrative Argument About Education
English 101
Angel Stauffer
April 8, 2013

I can stand here, hardly presentable to the public with a shirt wet with perspiration, dirt packed under my nails and nettles gnawing at my already sore fingers, and tell you that it is crucial to learn responsibility at home. I'm not saying children have to be a complete slave to daily chores, but children should have an understanding of responsibility by participating in household cleaning. Chores, which are given throughout childhood, can be the most valuable education system which results in an increase the maturity rate of an individual. I have experienced a successful outcome of my parents training, and to this day, have not regretted it. It is common knowledge that the once excited-to-be-mommy's-little-helper sooner or later becomes quite the trial to motivate when it comes to daily chores. We may ask why is there such a desire in young children to help around the home. It is because humans have a natural desire to learn. The first and most important educational enviroment a child will ever step into is his or her own home. Jane Smiley states, "Mostly the reasons have to do with developing good work habits, or, in the basence of good habits, at least habits of working. No such thing asa free lunch, any job worth doing is worth doing right, work before play, all of that" (Muller & Weiner, 2009, pg. 273). While Smiley was correct as to why parents assign chores to children, I disagree with the fact that she is not impressed with the reasons for giving children chores. She views chores as a task to get over and done with, most likely because many chores are not her idea of fun. Yes, not every chore is favorable and in our liking. As a young child I liked to fold the laundry and plant the lettuce and tomato seeds in the garden, though I'm sure my attempts at such jobs were highly inadequate at the inexperience of my age. I vaguely remember disliking the chores...