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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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The Place I Call Home
Home is place that can shape a person’s lifestyle and have an impact on their life in many different ways. I believe home is where a person can find peace, tranquility, and joy. People have places that they can go to that bring them warmth and comfort. A house can help a person relax and get away from his or her busy life. My home in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, has always evoked those feelings of comfort, security, and relaxation.

To start things off, my house is a very relaxing environment. From the comfy couches to the steaming hot tub, my house is a place I can go to relax. My house is in the country; therefore, I enjoy sitting out in the backyard and sitting in the sun on a warm summer day. My favorite day is when the birds are chirping and there is a nice warm breeze and I can go sleep in the hammock with the sun beating down on me. After a long day of school and baseball, it is always nice to be able to relax my muscles in the hot tub. The hot water along with high pressured jets massaging my back and calves really does the trick.

Also, my house is just like a vacation get away. I have a basketball court where many pick-up games have been played. The playing surface is green with all of the correct lines painted on in white. The court will also double as a pickleball court, which is like tennis. It’s always nice when I am not at the gym to be able to practice at home. Along with the basketball court I have a large, heated in-ground pool. The pool has a shallow end that is four feet deep and a deeper end of 8 feet 6 inches. There is also a bouncy diving board that is used frequently. The pool is unique because most pools use chlorine, but this one uses salt water. The salt water is better for my skin because it does not irritate it like chlorine does. One of my favorite things to do is play basketball out on the court for an hour or two and then jump is the cool, refreshing pool. Another reason I would consider my house a get away...