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Determine three appropriate standards to evaluate the goals identified in your plan. Time Standards
Home depot is facing numerous problems within the organization structure. Although, Home depot is not a customer based driven business; however, customer's complaint is an issue that polarizing the day to day operation. To achieve this goal, since most customers have access to the Internet, it is easier to compliance questions and used it as a survey and used the Internet for the customers to answers it. In addition install television in the employees break room to broadcast the customer’s complaint. Those complaints should display each week. The organization structures are more of a laissez-faire and cowboy's style. Each manager contended they store the way he or she wanted or expanse that best maxim fit. They are little general standardization in operations from a store to store or region to region. Everyone has to change the way they do business for the change to be successfully to implement. Change design was the influence by scope, time, and power factor, and constrained by eagerness ability besides consistency. Timer and power also critical since goals determined the company's mission and vision (proactive investors). Cost Standards

Home Depot has over 300,000 associates in various locations, with different pays a level; taxes and government regulations and state law. that determent, each employee's income, unit, and material cost per unit. It will not be acute. Home depot is one of the world’s biggest home improvements retailer with net income for three months that ended February 3 was $1.0 billion or 68 cents per thinned out share, compared to $774 million or 50 cents per weak share, a year earlier. Excluding a favorable acclimatization to a charge from a China store closing, adjusted for earnings were 67 cents a share. Sales of $18.2 billion were up to 13.9 per cent year-over year (Blasdell consulting strategic). Income Standards...
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