Home Cooked Food vs Outside Food

Topics: Cooking, Flavor, Nutrition Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Topic: The best food is always home-cooked food. Do you agree?
What will you choose if you are given a choice between a plate of macaroni cooked by a chef at a nearby Italian restaurant in your neighbourhood or a homemade plate of macaroni prepared by your mother ? I will choose the latter as home-cooked food has a greater nutrition value and generally more inexpensive. In addition, I can spend more time with my family if I have that plate of macaroni at home.

Home-cooked food is much more nutritious than outside food in many aspects. One difference that makes outside food not as nourishing as home-cooked food is the usage of preservatives and flavourings. These “harmful chemicals”, which we often consume unknowingly, is detrimental to health. Another example is salt, an ingredient that is a common household item used to bring flavour to food. This harmless looking ingredient is shockingly known to lead many health problems, which includes high blood pressure and kidney failure. However, when cooking food at home, we can control the amount of flavouring we add to our food, giving consideration to our health. At the same time, we can also make the food tantalising to our taste buds. For outside food, the freshness of food is not always on the top of the list. There are anecdotes that restaurant managers will use ingredients that might been left for a few months, as long as they do not look spoilt on the outside. The high amount of calories and fats in outside food also make home-cooked food more appealing in terms of quality.

With home-cooked food, family members can spend more time with each other. As the pace of life presently is faster than the pace of life in the past, the amount of time spent together with family members is significantly smaller due to work and school commitments which demands long hours spent at school and work. According to www.statcan.gc.ca, Canadian men spend 250 minutes with his family daily in 1986 but the figure dwindled to...
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