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Topics: Management, Money, Nursing home Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: April 23, 2013
This report showing the few HR issues currently faced by Home Care Housing. Over 12 years, Home Care Housing Association has employed more than 600 employees. Among those employees, 40% of them will be male and 60% of them will be female. This also proven that there will be no proper ratio in workforces between men & women. About 60% of female is placed in certain roles and departments such as auxiliary, nursing and office staffs group but none in the managerial and supervise division. This will be considered as one of the gender discrimination.

Some units which transferred from local authority will be faced the issue of variation such in levels of pay, hours of work, shift payments and holidays. Head office staffs have increased rates due to cost of living increasing every year but unit staffs none. Unit staffs working hours per week were longer than head office staffs. Even in term of holiday entitlement, head office staffs also entitled more compared to unit staffs. Shift payments are also different in some units due to long service for nursing and auxiliary staffs. Hence proven again the term and conditions in organisation’s policy was not consistent.

Because of the strong philanthropic aspects permeating the organisation so that no redundancies happened in the organisation and manager is given too much of autonomy. Some of the managers have simply decided to increase staff pay across the board which based of yearly budgets or sometimes skipping years. The discrimination issue has been noticed while a complaint has been received from a member of staffs mentioned that one of the manager is biased on the good staffs who willing to follow their instructions by giving them monetary advantages like incentive, increment on pay and non-monetary benefits like preferential shift patterns and extra time off. For those staffs whose are refused to comply will get bad shifts and do not have a rise of pay. Irregularity of reward strategy was happened when...
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