Home Based Childcare Risk Assessment

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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Course Code|Course Title|Assignment No. and Name |
DS31|Diploma in Home-Based Childcare Unit 1|2a Keeping children safe and healthy|

This is a Risk Assessment of a domestic setting to be used for childminding, the children will have access to the following rooms/areas:

Downstairs Toilet
Dining Room

Possible hazards and risks for each room/area are detailed below:

1.Hallway/Stairs – Access to the stairs, risk of falling. 2.Downstairs Toilet – Risk of chemical poisoning (bleach and cleaning chemicals); access to contaminated water from the toilet bowl. 3.Dining Room – Risk of shock from electrical sockets; radiators that may get very hot to the touch; cupboards with breakable items inside. 4.Kitchen – Fire and burn hazards from the cooker; cupboards containing cleaning chemicals; flexes from appliances and appliances themselves are a hazard. 5.Lounge – Electrical sockets; radiators; wires and cables from the TV are visible, young children could play with them/trip on them/get an electrical shock or worse; clear glass patio doors; a rug that could pose a trip or slip hazard. 6.Bedroom – Electrical sockets; radiator; windows with openings children could reach. 7.Garden – Sheds with gardening equipment (such as a lawnmower and shears) and chemicals.

It is necessary to carry out the following measures to minimise/overcome these hazards:

1.Hallway/Stairs – Install safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. 2.Downstairs Toilet – Remove and lock away all chemicals; install a toilet lock to prevent toddlers being able to access the toilet bowl. 3.Dining Room – Fit socket covers to all accessible electrical sockets; install childproof locks on all accessible cupboards; fit radiator covers to prevent burns. 4.Kitchen – Install a safety gate; install childproof locks to all accessible cupboards that may contain chemicals or breakable items; keep plastic bags out of sight and reach;...
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