Holy Orders

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Austin Lauer Lauer 1 Religion Project Holy Orders
Mr. Henning
Christian Identity Period 1B

Holy Orders is a Sacrament at the Service of Communion that Jesus gave the Church to pass on to men. It was set up to provide ministers of service to the Church. Those who have received this sacrament are members of a college that dedicates their lives to become servants of the Word of God. They are called to live a life of self-denial, celibacy, and sacrifice for the well being of other beings. Holy Orders gives different powers and authorities in the Church on three different levels. To receive the Sacrament one must be a baptized male who acts as a role model to others, have an interior and exterior call, Have knowledge of the Sacrament, be the proper age, have a lifelong commitment to living without a wife, and study theology. Bishops are at the top of the hierarchy and join in the full priesthood of God. They have the power to ordain deacons, priests, and other bishops. They are members of a college of bishops, with the Bishop of Rome at its head. The normal role of a bishop is to head a diocese.

Priests are at the middle of the hierarchy and assist the orders of the bishop, care for members of the Church. Through Holy Orders, priests receive the right to administer Reconciliation, Eucharist, Baptism, Anointing of the Sick, Confirmation (under some circumstances, and the right to say the Mass.

Deacons are at the bottom of the hierarchy and are ministers of the Gospel. They cannot consecrate the Eucharist or hear Confession, but are obligated to a life of service and charity. Lauer 2 Holy Orders is a great blessing because the ordained have been called by Christ. Holy Orders consecrates a person to the Lord, leaving...
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