Holocaust Theme Essay

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  • Published : September 6, 2012
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Holocaust Theme Essay

The Holocaust was a colossal systematic extermination and murder of about 6 million Jews in Eastern Europe under the criminal hands of Nazis and SS troops during World War II. It started from 1933 and ended in 1945, when the war in Europe finally ended. The whole genocide was organized methodically by the leader of Germany at the time, Adolf Hitler. His command of the operation quickly sprung to action after procedures took place. At first Jews were persecuted, stolen of their citizenship, then moved into ghettos, and quickly into concentration camps. The evil plot developed and grew and what started out as hatred turned into a scheme of mass murder. The resources that portray the critical themes in the Holocaust are “Night”, “Nuremberg Trials”, and “Schindler’s List.”

To begin with, one theme of the Holocaust is perseverance. Throughout the Holocaust there has been a struggle to survive and all the Jews could do is endure and persevere the waves of death surrounding them if they ever wanted to make it out alive. One primary example is in Schindler’s List where Mrs. Nussbaum, trying to make the best of the situation just like all the other Jews forced into the ghetto, tells her husband their ghetto apartment could be worse. In “Schindler’s List”, she could’ve cried and felt hopeless but she persevered through the situation and at the end of the movie very well survived through determination and her unbroken spirit. Another example in “Night” is, "We had already lived through so much that night, we thought nothing could frighten us any more. But his clipped words made us tremble. Here the word 'furnace' was not an abstraction: it floated on the air, mingling with the smoke" (39 Night). In this quote from “Night”, Elie was persisting steadily in a course of intense courses of action in Auschwitz but he endured the pain and survived. The final example is from Nuremberg Trials, “Of course, frequently they realized our true intentions and...
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