Holocaust Testimonials Discussion

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Holocaust Testimonials Discussion
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Go to the following website and spend half an hour exploring the testimonials of Holocaust survivors. Watch one survivor’s testimonial from beginning to end. What responses did you have to his or her story?] http://www.library.yale.edu/testimonies/education/singlewitness.html| Topic Type: ThreadedGraded: Yes (Numeric out of 10.0)Peer Review: NoPosting Restrictions: Allow post and replyUser Identification: User Name| Create Message


* Watch one survivor’s testimonial from beginning to end. What responses did you have to his or her story?

The Holocaust Testimonials Discussion from Sterling Memorial Library of Yale University refers to the experience of some of the few survivors and Dr.Fred O. is one of them who explained his horrific experience when he was a physician in the Ghetto. His inhuman claustrophobic experience about lice borne typhoid and the situation of his patient kept on haunting him even after half a century. In Hrubieszow he remembers his infuriating memory of a particular patient whom he found with a complete coat of innumerable lice covering his entire body. He had to deal with a barbaric situation when he saw his parents had no choice but to voluntarily accept death, requesting him to save his siblings. Even he himself was pushed to a situation where he was forced to accept death just for expressing the desire of saving his own parents, though ultimately he failed and they got killed. According to Dr.Fred O. “There are things that will never be told because they cannot be told”. The truth of this statement has been envisaged times and again across history till date. He experienced that situation make man so brute as an animal that the same set of his captive group members who were hostage till they saw the American tank, tear the guards apart when they had the opportunity of backup by...
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