Holocaust Research Paper Guidelines

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  • Published : March 28, 2011
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TOPICS1. Choose an aspect of Holocaust that peaks your interest. 2. Find a subject within the broad area that stirs your curiosity (narrow down your topic!). If you plan on entering the White Rose Essay Contest, you must evaluate the topic within the parameters of the contest theme. See Essay Contest Criteria. 3. Your topic must be unique. Within the each class, there will be no duplicated topics and no duplicated papers, period. SOURCES1. 2. 3. 4. 5. RESEARCH1. 2. Write down all reference information for each source used for parenthetical notation. Suggestions: • Create a list of subject headings or descriptors for the topic, such as “Nuremberg Laws”, “inferior race jews”, or “Mein Kampf” for a paper dealing with Antisemitism. Be careful while researching this topicthere is a lot of antisemitic propaganda you can encounter on the web! • Use these descriptors to find material in the library’s reference tools such as: Atlases, Almanacs, Biographical dictionaries, the Reader’s Guide and the Electronic Card Catalog. A minimum of 5 academic sources are required. Sources must include 1 first person and/or survivor account. Only one source may be an encyclopedia. It MUST be Americana or Britannica. Limit 2 Internet sources. Check historical journals for articles.


One or two sentences which briefly answer your topic question. 1. This is the most important part of your paper. Your entire paper should be devoted to proving this statement. No information should be added that does not work towards proving this statement. A strong clear thesis statement usually means a good paper; a weak disorganized thesis guarantees a poor paper. 2. To come up with your thesis, you must complete preliminary research on your topic. 3. Your thesis statement will distinguish your research paper from a report. You must formulate your own position or thesis. Become an authority on your topic. Gather information from many different sources to...
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