Holocaust Position Paper

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  • Published : May 24, 2010
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Canada was partially responsible for the Holocaust. If the Canadian Government made different decisions between 1919 and 1939, many more Jews may have survived.
When the Paris Peace Conference started, Canada was simply apart of the British delegation, but Prime Minister Borden insisted that Canada be represented as a separate nation, with the right to vote. When the US opposed of this, a compromise was made. Canada could send a separate delegation from Britain, but it wouldn’t count as a vote. The Canadian delegation declared that the terms of the Treaty of Versailles were too harsh on Germany and had no influence. The Canadians never wanted to get themselves involved with European affairs. They were content with the Treaty. Although their vote did not count, they signed the Treaty of Versailles, supporting all the terms that stated what Germany would go through from then on. This brought forth anger upon the Germans. They started to suffer heavily after the War and became desperate enough to vote for Hitler. They were forced to give up a good amount of their land, which was important in the German industry for their coal. They became obligated to pay billions of dollars for World War 1 damages and the value of their dollar fell after the War. They were required to take full responsibility for the War when they weren’t the only ones at fault. Their economy slowly began fall and this was when Adolf Hitler decided to rise into power. By 1933, unemployment struck the world and Germany suffered the most in Europe. Hitler took this to his advantage and promised Germans employment, which won the hearts of the German people.

Prime Minister Mackenzie King supported Hitler and his views. When King met with Hitler, he probably realized that he might have not been the only person who shared the same opinion, especially after his encounter with King. Countries like Canada helped him feel more powerful because when Hitler violated the terms on the Treaty of Versailles,...
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