Holocaust Literature

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  • Published: October 25, 2010
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Part One: Non Fiction
The first moral dilemma I would like to talk about is Jankiel Wiernik’s. He was the one building the gas chambers that his very friends and family were going to be murdered in. Wiernik speaks of the nightmares he has as well as acknowledges that he has indeed literally placed his loved ones in the gas chambers. “I sacrificed all those nearest and dearest to me. I myself took them to the execution site. I built their death chambers for them” (pg. 18). It is a matter of whose life is more important, mine or the ones dearest to me? Wiernik clearly choose himself, as most of us probably think we wouldn’t but selfishly we would. This is a matter of life and death; no one wants to die under those circumstances.

The second moral dilemma was in Furmanski’s “Conversation with a Dead Man.” Furmanski is talking to his friend that has been condemned to die. This friend has been uplifting the whole time he has been in the whole time he has been in the camp. He has said things such as, “They’ll never get me. They’ll have to pay dearly for my skin- I’ll know how to die” (pg.73). He is now hopeless, drained and satisfied with the thought of death. He feels bad for Furmanski, “It’s all over for me. I don’t have to suffer any more. Poor fellow, you have to go on suffering, and the result will be the same” (pg.73). At this point Furmanski is in a moral dilemma, should he convince his friend to live or at least fight for his life or just let him die as he now wishes? “I am silent, numb, faced with the most terrible dilemma of my life. I don’t know what to answer. I feel an urgent need to tell him: ‘Defend yourself, show at least something, we’ll work together!’ But as he stands in front of me, I feel that he’s already far from us, that he’s already gone and is not thinking of anything any more” (pg. 74). After reading this it make me think to myself what’s the “right” thing to do? I don’t know what I would do it’s a difficult situation to be in. I mean if...
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