Holocaust Essay

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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The Holocaust was an event that ashamed the Germans of doing such an inhumane act. Many students around the world learn about the Holocaust and look at the unpleasant pictures of people suffering under the Nazi regime. In movies, we see the Jews being executed in front of their relatives and bodies almost decomposing. Although the Holocaust couldn’t have been prevented it could have been significantly reduced in magnitude.

The Holocaust, which means in greek “sacrifice by fire” was started by the Nazi party, The Socialist Workers Party, that was formed in a bar. Adolph, who was a low ranked officer joined this group and was later appointed Chancellor of Germany. The president at that time was Hindenburg and elected Adolph as Chancellor. Soon Hindenburg was no longer president and Adolph Hitler became the Furrer of Germany. He used the harshness of The Treaty of Versailles to seduce people to become Nazis. He made great speeches about how a better Germany could be made by taking of all the other people, including the Jews, Gypsies, Socialists and non germans. He mostly brought his anti-semitic ideas to the people and he started his racism. Adolph struck WW2 when he had crossed his boundaries and invaded Poland in 1939. The Holocaust was Hitler’s final solution. At the end of the war, he had already killed 6 million jews, which was a great amount of their population.

The Holocaust in Europe couldn’t at all be prevented for many reasons. The hate of jews hit all of Europe, many people did in fact want no jews in Europe. Someone would have also came up to power and would do the same thing. Second of all, during the Evian Conference, no one wanted the Jews to take to their country so Adolph had them in between his hands. Most germans were anti-semitic and would have helped the Nazis. there wasn’t any country that wanted to protect them before hand when they really needed help. Like the Russians during Stalin’s time, Propaganda was a big part of the...
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