Holocaust Denial

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  • Published : November 19, 2008
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Holocaust Denial
The title of my piece sums up my entire article: Are You Serious? I mean honestly? Are you kidding? Don’t worry, reader, this isn’t to you. Unless you’re David Irving, of course. What’s that? You don’t know what I’m talking about? You don’t know that some people in this world actually believe the Holocaust never took place? Then welcome to the modern day, the 21st century, an age where even the most widely recognized event in human history can be, and ferociously is, questioned.

Just about everyone in this, uhm, bizarre world knows what the Holocaust is. You know, the carnage, the butchery, the slaughter, the extermination of the Jewish people. Six million, to be exact. That’s like everybody in Arizona simply being wiped off the map. But in a more grotesque way, of course.

There is evidence, and lots of it. There’s documents recording the things that occurred; there are terrifying recounts of the survivor’s lives; and then there are pictures, the most gruesome and horrifying depiction of any event that has ever been seen. Just to see some of these photographs is enough to send a tremor down your spine. You want to look away but just can’t, the bodies almost making your eyes stay glued to the picture. Your eyes are immovable, roaming the picture with your mouth hanging open, your stomach churning, and your insides queasy. The pictures are sickening, appalling, ghastly. And very real.

So to say they’re not just honestly ticks me off. I’m Jewish, and sure as hell proud of it. We Jews have withstood being criticized, attacked, hated, killed, threatened, blamed, destroyed, and assaulted more than any other religious or ethnicity group in history. We’ve been blamed for the world’s problems and attacked on our holiest day on our calendar. We have been enslaved and slaughtered. And all this dates back to thousands of years ago, with the same stuff happening today. The single most remembered event in Jewish history, though, is the Holocaust. It’s almost certain, in fact, that it is the most significant occurrence in the history of mankind. It’s the most horrific/ terrifying/ prejudice event, ever. Jews and Gentiles forever will remember the most famous genocide of all time. “Never Forget.”

The basis of holocaust denial is relatively simple, actually: to restore the Nazi’s power, anti-Semitism, which is “discrimination, hostility, and/or prejudice directed at Jews,” according to www.reference.com. Holocaust deniers believe that it is all propaganda to benefit the Jewish people, and that the Holocaust is all a conspiracy. Also, they assume that the historians who report and study the Holocaust are biased. They think that they know the truth, and that the rest of the world has been fed lies all their lives.

Holocaust deniers feel that they are doing they’re duty as a “good human being” to put their unreasonable and injudicious ideas out to the better-informed public. They verbally attack the accuracy of the facts of the Holocaust. Holocaust deniers allege rash ideas and opinions of what really happened during the Holocaust.

The following are some of the imprudent ideas of Holocaust deniers.

They claim this because there is no document that has been found that has specifically ordered the annihilation of the Jewish people. However, there have been documents found ordering the round up of Jews and having them being sent to the various concentration camps.

Just because there was no one official document stating the answer to “The Jew problem” doesn’t mean that the orders were not sent out through the hierarchy. In the Nazi hierarchy, no plan this big could have ever passed through Hitler’s watchful hawk eyes unnoticed. This means that Hitler had to have had at least a say in the Final Solution, although it is widely known he was the...
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