Hollywood Films

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Classic Hollywood period
Classic Hollywood movies basic molding on behalf of ten years in the last century. Classical narrative style, audience tastes was biased in favor of the use of audio technology also makes the complex narrative of the film with a smooth dialogue becomes possible, which all contributed to a strong dramatic style of classic Hollywood. This style is also in line when the studio system. By the studio system the Hollywood giant Mack Sennett created the objective requirements of the film must be in order to meet the aesthetic needs of the overwhelming majority of the audience as the goal, the traditional public familiar dramatic aesthetics is clearly the best choice. The type of film came into being in this context. The Kracauer cater to the audience "deep collective psychological movie, the plot of the stylized characters typed rapidly occupied the vision, science fiction, song and dance, crime and other forms of audience type piece to be the world theater popular. Westerns as the most "American" type of film occupies an important position in the classic Hollywood period. Westerns celebrate, respected the kind of rugged individualism and the spirit of survival of the fittest, reflecting good win evil moral ideal, and thus eternity on film in the United States. Fred Zinnemann was taken in 1952, "High Noon" in many ways reflects the characteristics of the Westerns, or reflects the characteristics of the classic Hollywood period films....
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