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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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«A Hollywood smile: so many teeth and so little heart».
What does this aphorism mean? Is it about a Hollywood smile? I dont think so. To my opiniom, it is a metaphor. «Hollywood smile» is a well-known expression which means an ideal, well worked-out smile of Hollywood actors and actresses, the incarnation of Beauty. But the author looked at this phrase in a wider way, I can suppose he meant under the smile the whole cinema world, existing in Hollywood. Is it a world of Beauty? Is this life only wine and roses? The author says: «no». Though Hollywood got the name of factory of dreams and is assotiated with wealth and paradise of sun and palm trees, this is only the facade for a darker truth. People in the factory of dreams are light-headed, mercenary, soulless, callous and greedy. It`s not the Factory of Dreams. It is the Vanity Fair. Let us start by considering the facts. One argument in support of author`s opinion is a saying belonging to one of the most well-known persons and actresses in the history of cinema - Merilyn Monroe. The first thing that needs to be said is that she was not a dumb blonde, which she played at the cinema. All her attempts to have serious roles failed, that`s because the Hollywood wanted a beautiful characters, not clever ones and it made her play these women, Hollywood needed a smile, not a heart. This condicions are good only for light-minded actresses, and such clever woman as Marilyn was squashed by grip. She was in a despair. When she understood that nobody needed her talant of dramatic actress and people saw only her beautiful appearence and nothing under it, she could not stay any longer in such a place, and the answer to a dead morality was her own death. She said once: «Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul». That`s her opinion and now after knowing story of her life we can perseive all shadows of meaning in this aphorism, full of said true and...