Holly Blood & Holly Grail

Topics: Priory of Sion, Rennes-le-Château, Knights Templar Pages: 64 (23969 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Holy Blood, Holy Grail
by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln

PART ONE The Mystery 21 1 Village of Mystery 23 Rennes-leChateau and Berenger Sauniere 24 The Possible Treasures 32 The Intrigue 37 2 The Cathars and the Great Heresy 41 The Albigensian Crusade 42 The Siege of Montsegur 49 The Cathar Treasure 51 The Mystery of the Cathars 56 3 The Warrior Monks 59 Knights Templar The Orthodox Account 60 Knights Templar The Mysteries 75 Knights Templar- The Hidden Side 83 4 Secret Documents 94 PART TWO The Secret Society 109 The Order Behind the Scenes 111 The Mystery Surrounding the Foundation of the Knights Templar 116 Louis VII and the Prieure de Sion 119 The Cutting of the Elm’ at Gisors 120 5 Ormus 123 The Prieure at Orleans 126 The “Head’ of the Templars 128 The Grand Masters of the Templars 129 6 The Grand Masters and the Underground Stream 133 Rene d’Anjou 138 Rene and the Theme of Arcadia 140 The Rosicrucian Manifestos 144 The Stuart Dynasty 148 Charles Nodier and His Circle 154 Debussy and the Rose-Croix 158 Jean Cocteau 161 The Two John XXIIIs 164 7 Conspiracy through the Centuries 168 The Prieure de Sion in France 170 The Dukes of Guise and Lorraine 173 The Bid for the Throne of France 176 The Compagnie du Saint-Sacrement 178 -1-

Chateau Barberie 183 Nicolas Fouquet 185 Nicolas Poussin 187 Rosslyn Chapel and Shugborough Hall 190 The Pope’s Secret Letter 192 The Rock of Sion 192 The Catholic Modernist Movement 194 The Protocols of Sion 198 The Hieron du Val d’Or 203 8 The Secret Society Today 209 Alain Poher 212 The Lost King 213 Curious Pamphlets in the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris 216 The Catholic Traditionalists 219 The Convent of 1981 and Cocteau’s Statutes 223 M. Plantard de Saint-Clair 230 The Politics of the Prieure de Sion 237 9 The Long-haired Monarchs 245 Legend and the Merovingians 245 The Bear from Arcadia 249 The Sicambrians Enter Gaul 250 Merovee and His Descendants 251 Blood Royal 253 Clovis and His Pact with the Church 254 Dagobert II 257 The Usurpation by the Carolingians 265 The Exclusion of Dagobert II from History 269 Prince Guillem de Gellone, Comte de Razes 271 Prince Ursus 274 The Grail Family 277 The Elusive Mystery 281 10 The Exiled Tribe 282 PART THREE The Bloodline 293 11 The Holy Grail 295 The Legend of the Holy Grail 297 The Story of Wolfram von Eschenbach 306 The Grail and Cabalism 318 The Play on Words 319 The Lost Kings and the Grail 321 The Need to Synthesise 324 Our Hypothesis 328 12 The Priest-King Who Never Ruled 331 Palestine at the Time of Jesus 338 The History of the Gospels 343 The Marital Status of Jesus 346


The Wife of Jesus 349 The Beloved Disciple 355 The Dynasty of Jesus 362 The Crucifixion 366 Who was Barabbas? 368 The Crucifixion in Detail 371 The Scenario 377 13 The Secret the Church Forbade 379 The Zealots 389 The Gnostic Writings 399 14 The Grail Dynasty 405 Judaism and the Merovingians 409 The Principality in Septimania 412 The Seed of David 419 15 Conclusion and Portents for the Future 421 Postscript 439 Appendix The Alleged Grand Masters of the Prieure de Sion 441 Bibliography 467 Notes and References 481 Index 517 Illustrations Plates I The village of Rennes-le Chateau 2 The Chateau d’Hautpoul 3 Berenger Sauniere 4 The Villa Bethania 5 The Visigothic pillar in the church at

Chateau 6 The inscribed calvary near the entrance of the church at Rennes-leChateau 7 The Tour Magdala, Rennes-leChateau 8 The Cathar castle of Montsegur 9 A fifteenth-century print of Jerusalem 10 The Tomb of David, Abbey of Notre Dame duMont de Sion, Jerusalem 11 The Temple, Jerusalem 12 The octagonal tower of the castle of Gisors 13 The sea wall of the castle of Athlit, Palestine 14 The church of the Knights Templar, London 15 Interior of the Temple church, London 16 a Seal of the Abbey of Notre Dame duMont de Sion b Seal of the Knights Templar 17 The Abbey of Orval 18 The tomb near Arques 19 “La Fontaine de Fortune’, by...
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