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Unit 1; Working with children.

E1: describe three types of settings which provide care and education for children in your area. E2: Describe how each of the types identified in E1 aims to support children and their families:

Sure start.
Sure start is a statutory service; this means they are funded by the government. Sure start supports, mother, father and child and offers a service for parents to come along to learn how to play with their children and learn to communicate with their children. Sure start provides both education and care for the children, from ages 0-5 years. Sure start programmes are shown to follow the Every Child Matters principles. The education for the children includes helping children to learn through play and helping their parents to learn how to look after their children and also they help with speech and language therapy, parenting courses, baby massage, first aid courses, healthy eating these all really educate and care for the children and their families. Sure start aims to support single parents and children by offering lots of support and educational activities for both children and parents to benefit from. They are open all days in the week for parents to drop by and talk to any worker available to provide extra support.

Hillside play care centre:
Hillside is a private service which means the children’s parents will have to pay for them to attend the play care centre. They pay in monthly advance. Hillside offers a service for working parents and parents who want their children to communicate with other children. They provide children with many activities and games and allow them to socialise and make friends with other children. Hillside opens at 7am and closes at 7pm, this provides full time day care for children aged, 3months to 5 years. Hillside aims to provide day time care for working parents. They provide a broad curriculum giving children the opportunity to experience many learning activated both indoors and outdoors using a wide range of play equipment. Hillside aims to provide quality care within safe and stimulating environment offering equal opportunities to all children and ensuring that their individual needs are catered for in all areas of their development.

Child line free calls service:
Child line is a voluntary service, which means people volunteer to run the service without being paid. Child line provides a service for all children who have problems at home or if they are being abused. It provides a free care service to help children who may not have the best life and have nobody else to talk to. Child line aims to provide care for all children who are receiving abuse from their parents, family or carers. Also runs for children who are being bullied at school. It aims to help every child in any situation and also aims to provide advice and care for children who have difficulties in their lives. It was set up to give children a free support and advice service and to help children who need somebody to talk to.

E3: describe the main legislation in your country that supports the rights of children. There is an abundance of legislation in the United Kingdom (UK) that supports the rights of children. One piece of legislation is the United Nations Convention for the rights of children (UNCRC). The UNCRC was drawn up in 1989 to give children from under the age of 18 years their own special rights. It is based on the belief that all children are born with fundamental freedoms and the inherent rights of all human beings. There are five main strands of the convention. Strand Firstly, it establishes clear obligations for member countries to ensure that their legal framework is in line with the provisions of the convention. This supports the rights of children by ensuring the countries are held accountable for how they treat children. The second strand is, to reinforce the important fundamental human dignity. This supports the rights of children by saving them from...
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