Holistic Thinking

Topics: Holism, Jan Smuts, Human Pages: 4 (945 words) Published: April 13, 2013
1. introduction

Holism constitutes an aspect of knowledge attractive in the XXI century. Complex processes, networks, globalization, integration of paradigms, multidisciplinarity, are evidence of a condition of society and knowledge, that despite some misunderstandings, moves toward increasingly current assessments of society and culture. However, what is holistic? How to understand it? What aspects does it formulate? How is it expressed? These are some of the questions that we have tried to develop in this work. In it, we have tried holistic considerations, principles, evidence and reflections, which invites further study of a stream of current thinking that impact daily in politics, medicine, economy, and in short, general science.

Today the application of holistm is practically everywhere. It's in cosmetics, psychology, dentistry, education, medicine, healing therapies, etc.

The existence of the human being has always been geared to meet their needs, and to direct all efforts to get their welfare, for which man has to be seen as a whole.

From a holistic point of view, a new paradigm is not contradictory to the previous one, but complements from a novel and original so different epistemic models (empiricism, structuralism, positivism, pragmatism, etc.). That somehow are hidden under the names of "qualitative paradigm" and "quantitative" are considered additional ways of seeing reality.

The holistic is a contemporary philosophical whose origin comes from ancient philosophy but the first to use the term was officially Smuts (1926) in his book Holism and Evolution.

In holistic paradigm concept is contained in the phrase. According paradigm etymology, the word is derived from the roots, meaning "side" and deiknynai, "show", ie "side show", which corresponds to a position in philosophy is called "perspectivism". (Barrera, 2000).

So then, the holistic reality suggests that, rather than being composed of "things" with proper limits, is a unique...
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