Holistic Nursing

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Holistic Nursing
A holistic nurse is a nurse who recognizes and integrates body-mind-emotion-spirit-environment principles and modalities in daily life and clinical practice, creates a caring healing space within his or herself that allows the nurse to be an instrument of healing" (Dossey & Keegan, 2008, p49). A holistic nurse will assist the patient and family during the recovery from illness or transition to death. A holistic nurse will provide a peaceful environment that removes the barriers to the healing process and helps the patient's grow personally. This paper will discuss two perspectives that a nursing professional may have, "getting the job done" and "holding sacred space".

"Getting the job done" perspective is the best description of our current healthcare system. According to Dossey & Keegan (2008), "healing and curing are different processes" (p. 94). The sickness-cure system that describes the elimination of the signs and symptoms of a disease, which may or may not be the end of the patient's disease or distress. This is the main focus of our modern health care system. While this perspective is common today, it is not a complete healing process. With millions of disease processes and chronic conditions present in healthcare today, reaching a cure is impossible for over 85% of health problems (Dossey & Keegan, 2008, p. 95).

An example that was noticed in the clinical setting of "getting the job done" would be a nurse walking into the patient's room to take vital signs. The nurse entered the patient's room without knocking, then proceeded to grab the blood pressure cuff and take a blood pressure, then the pulse and respirations, and pulse oximetry. Other than saying that she was there to take the vital signs, she did not speak a word to the patient. When she was done taking the vital signs, she simply left the room without another word. This nurse completed a necessary task of being a nurse;...
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