Holistic Marketing

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MKTG208 – Holistic Marketing
Define and discuss the concept of holistic marketing. Your discussion should include the following: 1. Describe and analyze the ways holistic marketing can assist organizations to connect with customers. 2. Explain how holistic marketing can build brand/s.

3. Explain how holistic marketing can deliver and communicate value.

The Holistic Marketing concept is based on the development, design and implementation of marketing programs, processes and activities that recognise their breadth and interdependencies. It is thus an approach that attempts to recognise and reconcile the scope and complexities of marketing activities (Kotler et. al, 2009). Holistic marketing recognises that the quality of the firms’ products, services and modes of delivery are intricately tied to sales and revenues (Mack, 1999). This relationship, in turn, is responsible for building brand image, and the delivery and communication of value. The concept in itself is an all-encompassing package that the organisation then sells. For successful holistic marketing to be effective the concept requires four components; internal marketing, integrated marketing, socially responsible marketing and relationship marketing.

Internal marketing requires that everyone in the organization buy into the concepts and goals of marketing and engage in choosing, providing and communicating customer value. Only when all employees realise their job is to create, serve and satisfy customers does the company become an effective marketer (Kotler et. al, 2009). Internal marketing requires a customer oriented approach, not only by the firms marketing and sales departments, but spread throughout the organisations various departments. If the concept of holistic marketing is to be successful then it must be communicated and accepted by each member of staff. (Kotler et. al, 2009). There are many definitions for internal marketing, but many only cover single key components of internal marketing. Ahmed and Rafiq define internal marketing as ‘…a planned effort using a marketing-like approach directed at motivating employees, for implementing and integrating organizational strategies towards customer orientation.’ It emphasizes achieving customer satisfaction through the implementation of customer-orientated strategies by motivating employees and co-ordinating cross-functional efforts. In recent years there has been a shift towards employee satisfaction in contemporary approaches of management. Especially important within the services sector is personnel recruitment, retention and motivation. These have consequently become a vital facet of human resources for firms, where the attraction of quality and skilled employees is of critical importance in assisting organizations to connect with customers. A business operating in a crowded market should be acutely aware of these factors, for it is often the quality of the service that is the only real differentiating factor between competitors. There are a number of different ways in which a marketing department can be arranged, the main structures being functionally, geographically, by product or brand or by market (Kotler et. al, 2009). These various approaches are suited to different contexts and enable an organization too target their products more specifically, build brand awareness and communicate value to customers. Functional organisation is the most common form of marketing organization. This structure groups together employees from the same function of specific jobs within an organization. Employees that specialize in a single function are grouped together to form a department. The main advantage is its administrative simplicity. However, this form loses effectiveness as the company’s products and markets increase. A geographic organization divides its functions and operates along geographical lines. Certain markets may require special attention as opportunities arise. The emergence of...
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