Holistic Education in Occupational Safety and Health (Osh) at Universiti Malaysia Pahang (Ump)

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Ergonomics, Occupational health psychology Pages: 6 (1507 words) Published: October 3, 2010

M.I.Mohd Fadzil (Ph.D), S.Ezrin Hani, A.J. Mohammad Ezuan, I. Norazura, M.Z. Mohd Zuzainy , S.A. Afiza, S. Nurud Suria, A. Norhidayah Occupational Safety and Health Programme
Department of Technology Management
Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology Management, University Malaysia Pahang, Lebuhraya Tun Razak, 26300 Gambang Kuantan, Pahang.


Issues on Occupational Safety, Health and Environment (OSHE) have long been a serious topic in the public domain. Various accidents at workplace has been reported in all industries about the losses faced by individuals, companies and nations either in terms of human life, property damage, disruption of mission continuity, impact on environment, causing anxiety among public and of course the impact on economy. Ministry of Higher Education has approved the courses on OSHE and UMP has become one of the learning institutions in East Coast Malaysia offering holistic education in OSH field.


The objectives of this paper are as follows:

1. To promote OSH education and lifelong learning programme offered by UMP; 2. To increase public and organization especially education institutions’ awareness in OSH; and 3. To demonstrate the UMP ability in fulfill human capital development in Malaysia in OSH field.


Figure 1 show that UMP is strategically located nearby industrial areas and East Coast Highway. UMP is a technical university which is surrounded by high density industrial areas which are Oil and Gas industry, Manufacturing industry, Agro industry, Chemicals industry, Biotechnology, Information Centre and Technology (ICT) and Automotive industry. These industries required high human resources expertise in OSH fields and also can be as one stop centre for practical and working exposure during Industrial Training.

Figure 1: UMP located in Gambang which is surrounded by industrial areas


UMP offers holistic education in OSH ranging from certificate to postgraduates level. For executives or working adults, UMP offers Safety and Health Officer Certificate Programme and Part Time Diploma in OSHE since 2006 which have been accredited by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).

Meanwhile in the year 2008, a full time degree in Bachelor of OSH has been offered to student with Matriculation and STPM entry qualification. Currently there are 3 cohorts of student enrolling this degree programme with total enrollment of 112 students. The Bachelor Degree programme aim is to provide students with the academics and skills preparation so that they will be able to enter careers as occupational safety and health practitioners or specialists in any industrial sectors. This course addresses the basic science aspect such as Mathematics and Statistics; the humanities aspect covering language subjects, communication, technoprenuership and ethics; the industrial management aspect such as Industrial Psychology, Management Information System and Quality Management; the science and technical elements of OSH such as Industrial Hygiene, Industrial Toxicology, Fire Prevention and Protection, Hazard and Risk Analysis, Industrial Safety, Ergonomics, Human Factor Engineering, Chemical Process Safety, Construction Safety, Exposure Measurement, Analytical Techniques, Occupational Epidemiology; and the management elements of OSH such as OSH Management System, Behavior Based Safety and OSH Legislations.

The expected outcomes of this course are graduates should be able to:

a) apply knowledge of safety, health, environment, science and engineering b) design, conduct experiment, analyzing and interpreting data c) design a system, to notify and to suggest the best safety installation or equipment to meet desired needs of an establishment within the considerable constraints of economic, environmental, social,...
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