Holiday Planning

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My friends and I decided to go on a one week holiday this summer to a place we didn't visit before. We were thinking about the romantic Paris or exotic Madrid. We have a budget of £1000 each and we are four of us. We also have to bear in mind that being in a foreign place we need to have some extra cash left just in case, and we also want to buy souvenirs for friends and family and maybe treat ourselves.

We had to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of both places and choose the most convenient and affordable place. We also had to calculate the prices for the trip and the cost of living in order to be on the safe side, and the temperature range across different types of weather conditions in both places.

I told my friends that we need to organise ourselves in order to get all the information we needed so we can make a decision. One of my friends and I decided to check for the flights and hotel and the other two of my friends were going to check the weather and touristic attractions or other things to do there.

Having checked and obtained all the information we had a meeting in order to discuss our options.

Option 1. Madrid

Me: I have searched on internet and I found these really good offers for Madrid with low cost flights from Luton:

As we can see from this chart, Madrid is a very expensive destination. If we choose the whole package with return flights + hotel + car rental, the cheapest one at a convenient time is £900.00 per person. If we choose the flight only offer and add up the hotel that would be around £700 on average per person and adding the flight cost of £128.00 and car rental which is £72.00 this would be £900.00 which is not really good as we don't have too much left in our pockets. The savings would be £100.00 which is 10% or 1/10 of all our budget. So the lowest value for the trip is £900.00 without any expenses and the whole package is around the same. 700.00 + 128.00 + 72.00 = 900.00

Let's see what did you manage to find, my friends!
My Friend: - In Madrid we can do a lot of interesting things, like: discover the rich history and culture with the Walking Tour and experience the ancient Spanish traditions of bullfighting or we can feel the heat of Spanish traditional dance, Flamenco or short trips to the nearby exotic beach Costa del Sol. I have found some interesting offers such as : * Flamenco show at Torres Bermejo's - £31.42

* Walking tour card - entry to over 50 museums - £33.84
* Madrid sightseeing tour and bullfight at Las Ventas Bullring - £36.25 * Madrid City tour and Santiago Bernabeu Stadium - home ground of the legendary Real Madrid Football Team - £33.03
If we do the maths
31.42 + 33.84 + 36.25 + 33.03 = 134.54
All these sum up to £134.54. If we add the flights and hotel or other expenses that would be £1034. That means we go beyond our budget which is not safe. We could skip the sightseeing tour and bullfight so we limit to our budget. 134.54 - 36.25 = 98.29

Let's see how we are doing with the Paris option.
Me: - How about the weather? did you find out anything?
My friend: - Oh yeah! I was lucky! I found a website that the weather is much hotter in Madrid

than in the UK. They say the weather is going to be really hot in July over there. We must bear in mind that we're heading into the hottest time of the year in Spain.

Temperatures in July

| Temperature in degrees |
Minimum temperature| 16oC/61oF|
Maximum temperature| 33 oC/91 oF|
Average temperature| 25 oC/76 oF|
Rainfall| 10mm/3 days|

Option 2. Paris

Paris is one of the most popular and enduring tourist destinations in the world. It is the beauty of a city with more parks,

gardens and squares than any other cities in Europe, and also the romantic bridges over Seine, the street lamps reflected in the ancient river and the music is top class in the restaurants. If we decide to go there we...
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