Holiday on Zinga and Manzu

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Green Chris
Christopher is in his last year of his degree in Agrobiology. He needs to complete a 6 months internship with the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority AVA of Singapore. He has prior experience in growing crops of tomato and achieving at least a 95% yield. In the lab, his supervisor Dr Ong decided to challenge him.

Dr Ong said: “Hi Christopher, welcome to our AVA laboratory. We are pleased to have you here. We have some problems growing Rhododendron.” Christopher replied: “Thank you for your warm welcome. While working with tomato, I realized that they grow best at around pH 7. Perhaps, it might work well with Rhododendron too!” “Oh, you might be right, I’ve read that pH affects the intake of the nutrients of plants,” Dr Ong exclaimed. “I think I have to agree with you,” replied Christopher. “I forgot to mention that the plot of land is on one of the roof top garden of Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences (ICES) at Jurong Island,” mentioned Dr Ong. As Christopher made his way to Jurong Island, he thought to himself “ I hope this is not as boring as growing tomato.”

1. Recognize potential issues and major topics in the case What is this case about? Underline and list terms or phrases that seem to be important. Then, list 3-4 biology-related topics or issues in the case.

2. What specific questions do you have about these topics? By yourself, or better yet in a group, list what you already know about this case in the ”What Do I Know?” column. List questions you would like to learn more about in the “What Do I Need to Know?” column. What Do I Know?| What Do I Need to Know?|

| |

3. Put a check mark by 1-3 questions or issues in the “What do I need to know?” list that you think are most important to explore.

4. What kinds of references or resources will help you answer or explore these questions? Identify two different resources and explain what information each resource is likely to give that will help you answer the question(s). Choose specific resources or types of resources. MOE current objective

Theme: Science and technology
* Awareness that science is not confined to the laboratory but is manifested in all aspects of the world Skills and processes:
* Use scientific inquiry skills such as posing questions, designing investigations, evaluating results and communicating learning Ethics and Attitudes:
* Show concern for Man’s impact on the environment
* Value individual effort and teamwork.
* Discuss how one can change, optimise and define the terms and conditions for tomorrow's food production for the benefit of future generations.

Doyle’s Soil Simulation: Condition for plant growth: Laboratory experiment: Appendix I

Teachers’ note:
Optimum pH for agriculture:

Appendix I: Laboratory Experiment
Laboratory writeup obtained from:
Red Cabbage Juice pH Indicator

Sources: Prof. George Ewing's C100 Demonstration Notes; Prof. Carolyn Huffman's Fall '93 C100 lecture; B. Z. Shakhashiri, 1989, Chemical Demonstrations: A Handbook for Teachers of Chemistry, vol. 3, pp 162-166.

Description and Concept: Red cabbage juice will change to a variety of colors when added to solutions of various pH. Red cabbage juice is a pH indicator.
0 red cabbage*
1 blender
2 hot or boiling water
3 filter paper (coffee filters work well)
4 1 liter beaker
5 Six 250 mL beakers
* Professors/Instructors please specify which chemicals you wish to use. Some that we may have on hand are: 6 household ammonia (NH3)
7 baking soda (sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3)
8 washing soda (sodium...
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