Holiday in Jamaica

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  • Published : September 27, 2013
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When I got there I, couldn’t believe how hot & smoggy it was. The smell was horrid. I could hardly breathe & I’d never seen a place or the sun so bright before; it was incredible. I’d never been in a place so different from where I was from. It was so different from where I was from. The place was so different words couldn’t even explain.

First I’ve never been to a place so polluted in my life. The place was dirty & you could hardly see anything in the air. The smell was a smell I’ve never smelt before, it was salt water & a sewer smell mixed together.

It was 3 summers ago we headed off to Jamaica. I’ve never been outa the country or on an airplane. It was way different there than here than here in the USA. The people were different; they spoke differently, everything was just way different then in America. The trees, cars, houses, landscape almost everything. The trees were palm trees we don’t have them here. The cars were sided as in you drove on the opposite side then here in the US. & the fronts of the cars were flat. Houses were really small & they were built from mud & tree leaves, well most of them. The landscape was open. The ocean made everything seem smaller because everything was surrounded by the ocean. Everywhere you looked was blue & you could hear the waves come in.

The Landscape was Beautiful besides there was one problem. We couldn’t go out of our resort only a few certain places because it was not safe at all with all the things people do. Outside of our resort was kind of nasty, dirty & scary looking. The people out of it seemed angry. But otherwise I had a lot of fun in Jamaica. Where I come from I can go where I want to go. In Jamaica you had to be careful. I learned you have to watch where you go & do in other countries because you could’ve been robbed, killed, hurt
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