Holiday Homework Class 12

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1. Revise the lessons and poems done in the textbook ‘Flamingo’ and ‘Vistas’ and complete the written assignments. 2. Advanced writing skills: (a) Write an article of about 200 words on ‘The future of Information Technology’. (b) Draft creative posters on ‘Your New School Canteen’ and ‘Advantage of the Summer Season’. (c) Read the newspaper daily and gather information on current affairs. Paste some important articles related to corruption, environment, teenage problems, and evolution of Indian cinema (that is completing 100 years) in a scrapbook for reference.

1. Make a rough draft of the investigatory project allotted/ chosen by you. 2. Complete the worksheets given to you

1. Make an investigatory project on the topic assigned to you. 2. Solve chemistry assignments given for the chapters taught in the class.

1. Make an investigatory project allotted to you. 2. In an experiment on sweet pea (lathyrusodoratus) a cross was made between two plants one having purple flower and the other having white flowers. In f1 generation all the plants had purple flowers and in f2 generation, it was a modified mendelian ratio. Work out the cross using a punnet square. Give the phenotype ratio and explain the inheritance to the same. 3. Prepare a chart showing topic related to UNIT reproduction in animals. 4. Prepare for your forthcoming examination.

1. Differentiate w.r.t x √ √ 2. If ( ) = log √ =

Prove that 3. Diff. w.r.t x

} } 4. If y√ Prove that 5. If Prove that 6. Find if = 7. Differentiate 8. If y = Sinx = w.r.t , show that = = log√ ) + xy+1 = 0

9. If y = - ( 10. If x= a( Find

prove that )- =0 , y = a(1+cos

11. Verify Rolle’s Theorems for the functions f(x) = + 16x – 12 in [2,3].

12. Verify Rolle’s theorem for the functions f(x) = ( ( in [-1,2].

13. Verify L.M.V for the functions f(x)= (x-1)(x-2)(x-3) in [0,4]. 14. Find a point on the graph y= (3,27). 15. Find a point on the parabola y= (3,0) and (4,1). 16. Verify L.M.V for the functions f(x)= is [0,1] /s. If the radius of the base of the where the tangent is parallel to the chord joining where the tangent is parallel to the chord joining (1,1) and

17. Water is leaking from a conical funnel at the rate of 5

funnel is 10cm and its height is 20cm, find the rate at which the water level is dropping when it is 5cm from the top. 18. A man is walking at the rate of 4.5km/h towards the foot of a tower 120m high. At what rate is he approaching the top of the tower when he is 50m away from the tower? 19. Find the point on the curve rate. 20. Prove that the functions f(x)= 21. Find the intervals in which the function f(x) = 2 is strictly increasing on R. - 15 + 36 +1 is strictly increasing or = 8x for which the abscissa and ordinate change at the same

decreasing. Also find the points on which the tangents are parallel to x-axis. 22. Find intervals in which f(x)= 23. Show that the functions f(x)= 3 is strictly increasing or strictly decreasing. is neither increasing nor decreasing on (0,3)

24. Prove that f(x)= cos3 is strictly decreasing in (0, ) 25. Find interval in which f(x)= is strictly increasing or strictly decreasing.

DATE FOR SUBMISSION : 10 /07/12 CREATE A PROGRAM FILE IN C++ AND SQL 1. 5 programs from classes and objects. 2. 3 programs from functions 3. 3 programs from file handling (using binary and text file) 4. 5 sql tables along with 5 queries of each table PROJECT FILE Project survey and creation of a software in c++ using the concept of Loop and Data file handling.

UNIT 1 Q1. What is meant by economic problem and why does it arise? Q2. What is meant by scarcity? Q3. Give two reasons for the problem of choice? Q4. What determines the shape of PPC? Q5. Give two examples of underutilisation and growth of resources? Q6....
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