Holiday Cooking

Topics: Christmas, Christmas tree, Cooking Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: June 24, 2011
Holiday Cooking

What makes a splendid holiday a joyous time? It is holiday cooking at its’ best. That would be any holiday, with food, family and fun. These are essential reasons for what makes holiday cooking a joyous occasion. Wholesome cooking is requested year after year. Cooking for the holidays has been an enduring task for years. A good cook in a hot kitchen takes it all in stride adding nothing but love. Holiday cooking is the best time to show your cooking expertise, the most innovating cooking, passing around recipes, and spending time with family and friends. Holiday cooking is known for the most innovating cooking that even the Food channels have specials on them. Thanksgiving cooking is the legendary feast famous throughout all 50 states. The day originated with the Pilgrims and Indians first feast being on record as the first Thanksgiving. There is no mention of a turkey, the cranberry sauce, or mashed potatoes. These three items were not discovered yet. Christmas cooking is also a glorious feast acknowledged internationally. Eastern Europe fast and partakes in a ritual prior to Christmas Eve. There are twelve meatless dishes that are eaten on the Eve of Christmas and the Christmas day meal is of fried carp (fish) with potato salad. Although that is the traditional way in Eastern Europe, here in the United States most families prepare turkey with dressing, cranberry sauce, pies, cookies and cakes. We normally feast the day of Christmas rather than the Eve of Christmas. This Christmas feast can last up to several days. New Years and Easter, in every respect, also have their own style of a cooking feast that is brought to the table as well. On the menu for New Year’s Day consist of ham, black-eyed peas (which symbolizes in some families as good luck for the New Year), greens (symbolized wealth) and a pie or cake for dessert. The holiday has several symbolic treasures that is enjoyed and celebrated on this particular day. Easter holiday...
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